UPDATE September 2018

Happening now: A U. S. tour by gypsy guitarist Ruslan Olakh. Watch for him at a church near you! Concerts are still scheduled in Montana, Nebraska, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.

The deadline is fast approaching to sign up for this year’s Fifth Annual Christmas Markets of Europe mission trip to Germany, Austria, Hungary and Ukraine. Come join us!

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UPDATE August 2018

Bring yourself up to date with our missionary family in Chile, and share with them the blessings and burdens of life on the mission field. Pray for LLAVES and Ciudad de Gracia.

Enjoy the night sky over Șiștarovăț, Romania, and be blessed by the testimony of a parent whose children attended Friendship Camp there.

Coming up soon: A U. S. tour by gypsy guitarist Ruslan Olekh. Watch for him at a church near you!

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UPDATE July 2018

This issue includes pictures of getting Friendship Camp ready for this summer’s campers; that’s fourteen thousand words you won’t have to read. The tepees are up and the wagons are covered, just waiting for this year’s hordes of campers. Wouldn’t you and yours enjoy a family mission trip to come help out at the camp? We’d love to have you!

We pray that your summer is going well, and we ask for your continuing prayers especially for the camps and the campers this summer.

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UPDATE June 2018

In eastern Europe, it’s camp time. Pray that God will work in the lives of our campers this summer.

Tavi Jinariu, a classical guitarist and friend of our ministry for many years, returns to his Romanian homeland for a ministry tour under the auspices of the Academy of the Arts.

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UPDATE May 2018

After he sang with “A New Song,” one young gypsy boy’s life was changed. Read about his continuing odyssey of serving the Lord in this UPDATE.

We haven’t been able to use our covered wagons at Friendship Camp because they’ve been, well, uncovered. Perhaps there’s a cure for that. Camp season is upon us again!

On the horizon is the Fifth Annual Christmas Markets of Europe Mission Trip. This year there is an added opportunity to bring toys and winter clothing to poor families in the gypsy villages of Ukraine.

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UPDATE April 2018

Spring is here! It’s time to sign up and come work at The Farm or Friendship Camp. What could be better than a working European vacation? Come, help us get ready for this year’s Camp season.

Continue to pray for our Romanian missionaries as they struggle with family health problems.

In Chile, a long-time mission partner church has just completed a visit with our missionaries there.

And in other news, there’s been a wedding within the Friendship International family.

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UPDATE March 2018

Yes, we know it’s April. Even in the Southern Hemisphere, whence comes our report from Chile. It’s also time to get signed up for Hands Across the Borders work at the camps in Europe!

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UPDATE February 2018

Is this the summer your church puts together a mission trip to work at the Friendship International camps in Europe? Come early for construction projects in Hungary and Romania, or later to help with the campers. See the details in this UPDATE. There’s also an opportunity to visit the tulip gardens of Holland and the Alps of Germany on the way.

2018 February Update – Click to View