UPDATE November 2019

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In this UPDATE you will find our Thanksgiving message, a final report from the “One Accord” tour, an invitation to help with Orphanage Christmas Parties In Romania, a few Christmas gifts for you to buy, and an invite to join us on our 30th Anniversary at the Oberammergau Passion Play in 2020.

UPDATE October 2019

“One Accord” from Romania just finished their tour across the United States. We do hope you were able to see them in person near you.

This issue of the UPDATE will share with you some highlights of the first part of this tour.

Start planning now to join us next September as we travel to the decennial Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany.

Here’s the October UPDATE.

UPDATE September 2019

“One Accord” from Romania is now on tour across the United States. Their schedule is in this issue. Be sure to watch for them in your area.

Project Dandelion—read about it in this issue—has been established to advance the ministry of Friendship Camp in Romania.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to reserve your place on our sixth annual Christmas Markets of Europe mission trip. December is just around the corner, and it’s fun to pronounce “Füßen.”

Here’s the September UPDATE.

UPDATE August 2019

It’s chilly in Chile, but that’s what you’d expect in the middle of winter. In this issue, rejoice with Miguel and Lorena as they share the blessings God has bestowed on their part of the world.

In Europe, camp is in its final weeks, and some of our singers are preparing to travel again.

Here in the United States, we look forward to those singers arriving and going on tour as “One Accord” from Romania.

Click here to read the August UPDATE.

UPDATE June 2019

In this issue, read about the value of and the Biblical basis for Christian Camps, and take a look at the progress we’re making in Sistarovat, Romania.

Mattresses on a Conestoga wagon? Not yet, but you can help.The wagons need wheels, too, and beds. Read in this UPDATE the status of the replacement covered wagons at Friendship Camp.

In September we’ll be taking a travel and ministry trip to East Germany and Beyond. One of our supporters has supplied a beautiful photo introduction to this trip which you can view on our Facebook page.

There are so many ways you can participate with us: GoodSearch, e-Giving, missions travel and more.

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UPDATE May 2019

Camping season is nearly upon us, and we must hurry to get the covered wagons rebuilt! Read all about it in this month’s issue. There are so many ways you can participate with us: GoodSearch, e-Giving, missions travel and more.

Here’s the link to the May issue.

UPDATE April 2019

This time we share an exciting report from Miguel and Lorena, our missionaries in South America, detailing the blessings of their ministry.

Here is the UPDATE.

UPDATE March 2019

In this issue read about the cycle of seasons, the circle of life, and wheels that don’t turn. Some of those stationary wheels are in Romania’s Wild West (aka: Friendship Camp); others may be at your place, and we have a suggestion on what to do with your unneeded vehicle.

Here’s the link:
2019c Mar UPDATE

UPDATE February 2019

This issue highlights travel, recounting Del’s recent trip to Hungary and Romania with Dr. Paul Muresan of Westminster, California, Presbyterian Church.

A new tour, “A Journey Through East Germany and Beyond,” has been added to our lineup for September. Get the details on the Send Me! page of our website.

(And, lest you be confused, this year’s Christmas Markets tour is Nov 29–Dec 12, 2019. We know.)

Here’s the link: 2019b Feb UPDATE

UPDATE January 2019

Happy New Year from South America, Europe, and the United States!

Machine-a-what? Find out what the Friendship Bus has been doing lately in western Romania, and who’s traveling to the same area on an exploratory mission.

From the Southern Hemisphere, see God’s provision for a Bible study that became a church, and His work in the expansion of a music ministry.

Stateside, we pray retirement blessings on one of our greatest supporters.

Read the current issue here: 2019 Jan UPDATE