UPDATE June 2022

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In this issue, we look back, we look ahead and we look to God:

  • A month ago…Del and Rick drove vanloads of food and medicine to Ukraine. There are opportunities for you to make a similar journey.
  • Two years ago…Friendship Camp shut down because of worldwide fears over COVID. Now it’s time to open up again! Camps are ready to host their normal complement of kids, plus a special time for Ukrainian refugee children. With your help we can send a lot of kids to camp.
  • Twelve years ago…That was the last performance of the world-famous “decennial” Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany. Now there’s an opportunity for you to see the performance THIS FALL, delayed two years by…you know.
  • And more…More about the Friendship Bus, and another opportunity to travel to the Christmas Markets of Europe.

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