Update 2 on the Stone Family

We felt it necessary to give you one more important update on the developments with the Stones since the accident they were involved in almost 2 weeks ago.

As you recall they were in a terrible accident with the entire family on their return home from visiting friends, family and churches in the Portland area.  The children received only minor injuries, but both of the parents, Gwen and David, were seriously injured and returned to Portland for emergency treatment.

Their recovery has been slow but steady and they were prepared to return home to their children.  From here I will again copy the short messages from the Stone’s Facebook pages as to what has taken place since our last Prayer Alert.

Mon., July 13

Today, we got the good news that we can go home on Thursday! Now everyone at home is scrambling to get things ready for us. Praising God that we are recovering!

Tues., July 14

Hello, Today. I have not felt very well today. I woke up this morning with pain in my pelvis, so I took pain medicine for it. Then, as soon as I sat up, I had a splitting headache. I’ve taken all the pain medicine I can, but I still have a headache. I’ve been dealing with nausea today too, which hasn’t been at all an issue since last Wednesday. I really don’t want to get nauseous, so I have been taking anti-nausea medicine before each meal and at bed time. Unfortunately, I still got nauseous today in spite of this. I have been using Tiger Balm to help with the headache today in addition to pain medicine. I’ve been sensitive to light today as well, which is new. I’m thankful today that I was able to rest for most of the morning, but I was unable to do any of the scheduled therapy sessions this morning. God is good all the time!

Please pray that I feel better and that we will still be able to come home on Thursday! Thank you!

Wed., July 15

We’re going home tomorrow! Please pray for a good flight, for strength for the journey, and for a good transition to being back at home! Thank you!

Gwen and David look forward to going home.

Thurs., July 16

This is David.

Gwen has a terrible headache today, which is unusual because she hasn’t had such a bad headache since the accident. Please pray for her so that it will go away and we can travel tomorrow. Thanks.

Gwen’s pain is not managed yet so we are not able to come home today. We rescheduled our flights for tomorrow. Hopefully the pain will be managed then.

Fri. July 17

Unfortunately the headache has gotten worse. It hurts terribly. The doctors are searching for a medication that will manage it. We won’t be going home until I have a good day. Last night it was worse than any other night. Please pray!

Please keep praying, The Battle Belongs to the Lord. I am a little better but I’m still hurting. Doctors have tried multiple different pain medications with mixed results.

Gwen has an unbearable headache.

Sat., July 18

The headache continues to grow worse. The only way I can eat or use the bathroom is with lots of pain medication; even so, there is no relief. Please keep praying that the root cause will be found and that I will be fully healed. Thank you!

Sun., July 19 

Doctors finally have a new diagnosis. They think it is shingles now because of a rash I developed on my face yesterday. It’s either that or some other infection because of the swelling that has increased on my face. I will probably be transferred to a different floor of the hospital because I can’t rehab anymore. Not sure what the treatment is yet because I just got done talking to the doctor but we’re optimistic that this new diagnosis is correct. Please keep praying as it will likely be a painful recovery process.

I started taking the shingles treatment but it’s still very painful. It is getting hard for me to eat or drink. The shingles are in my eye, pray it won’t be damaged. Thank you for lifting us up to the Lord at this time.

Mon., July 20

Here’s our miracle baby. He was a surprise but a blessing coming in December. He’s a miracle because I had 3 pelvic fractures and he survived by the Lord’s hand. Please continue to pray that all the medication I am taking does not harm this sweet little baby.

The baby’s fine.

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

Romans 8:18

Friends please continue to pray for the Stone family.

Pray for

  • Continued recovery and healing for David and especially, Gwen.
  • The children and their emotional health and that they might soon be reunited with their parents.
  • Encouragement for the family to know that God is in control and His timing is always the best.
  • Their support, they still are seeking funding for their health insurance.

Thank you, dear friends, for supporting the Stones at this time with your prayers.  If you would like to personally write a note of encouragement and concern to them, I’m sure they would be happy to hear from you, even if you are not known to them. Their email address is – [email protected]

If you would like to assist the Stone’s with our overwhelming financial needs at this time.  Please make your checks out to Friendship International, PO Box 50884, Colorado Springs, CO   80949-0884, with a note for, “the needs of the Stone family”.  I know they need this encouragement at this time as well. 

Deuteronomy 33:12

“Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in Him, for He shields him all day long, and the one the LORD loves rests between His shoulders.”

God bless you and keep you during these challenging days.

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