Happy Easter!

March 21 we were blessed and privileged to dedicate Timothy Miracle Stone to the Lord. It was a joyous celebration of everything that the Lord has brought our family through and the huge miracle of Timothy’s life! We are so thankful that he is growing and thriving! Everyone comments that he is such a good baby. I usually respond, “They are all good at being babies, aren’t they?” He is a very calm child and seldom cries, and he has been smiling and laughing more and more lately. He really is a living miracle and we praise God for his life!

Celebrating Timothy’s life and all that the Lord has brought us through this past year.

We learned this year that in Romania, they do not celebrate the resurrection of our Lord on the same day that we celebrate Easter. The Orthodox church in Romania and in most of the world celebrates Easter according to the dates of the old Julian calendar. The Romanian Orthodox church has accepted the newer Gregorian calendar for all other dates except Easter. So Christmas in Romania is celebrated December 25. With more than 80% of Romania’s population professing to be part of the Romanian Orthodox church, the Orthodox church has a powerful influence on what happens in the country. Romania will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on May 2 this year. I don’t know that the date we celebrate the resurrection is all that important, but it is vitally important that we do celebrate our risen Lord! Praise God that we serve a risen Savior! He is alive and I’m forgiven, heaven’s gates are open wide because Jesus is alive! I’m so glad that Jesus is alive and I know that He lives within my heart! I pray that you too may know that awesome resurrection power at work in your life!

Thank you so much for praying for us! We have begun to share our testimony of what the Lord has done in our lives at local churches. We still have a few dates available in June if you would like us to share with your congregation. Meeting with individuals or families is something we enjoy doing as well, so if you would like to see us in person and hear what the Lord has done for us, leave a comment or contact us at [email protected]

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  1. Having your family intact is such a miracle after the accident. Many prayers went to the Lord Jesus for you and He was faithful and we are all very glad and thankful. May God continue to bless you as you serve Him.

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