Praise God, we arrived safely in Romania!

We all fit, and all of our luggage too!!!

Buna Ziua, greetings from Romania!!! Yes, we are finally here in Romania and we are so thankful for all that the Lord has done to bring us to this place! We arrived in Timisoara Romania June 29 with all 23 pieces of luggage! Not one bag was lost, praise God!!! Adi and Callum picked us and all of our luggage up from the airport. We and all of our luggage fit in the huge van that Callum borrowed for us to drive until we can get a vehicle of our own. This huge yellow van actually used to be a school bus in Germany. After leaving the airport, Adi and Callum took us to get some rotisserie chicken at a food truck. We then took the food to a park and ate our first meal in Romania under the trees. Indoor seating at restaurants is still questionable here due to Covid. We thank the Lord that we had no trouble at all entering the country! Romania has been in various stages of lock down for quite a while due to the pandemic.

Praise God, we safely arrived at the house in Sistarovit Romania with all of our luggage!!!
David and Adi at Friendship Camp

The house we are staying in is perfect for our family! It has an open floor plan, a large bedroom that all the kiddos are sharing except Timothy. A spacious bathroom, a playroom, and a modern kitchen complete with all the conveniences like a dishwasher! I was very surprised that there is a dishwasher, an air conditioner, and a laundry dryer!!! I never imagined that our house in Romania would have even one of those things, let alone all three!!! This house belongs to the Marshall family who used to be missionaries here in Romania with Friendship International. We are so thankful that we can stay here! God certainly provided a wonderful place for us to stay!

Our kiddos at one of the covered wagon cabins at Friendship Camp.

As I am writing this, it has now been 2 weeks since we arrived in Romania! David has worked at the camp with Callum and Adi several days, and they were actually able to complete the repairs of the floor in the pole barn! Praise God! The next project to work on at the camp will be repairing the shower houses. Unfortunately, no official camps for children or youth will be able to take place this summer due to the restrictions on large gatherings still in place. So, this summer is a great time to complete some of the building projects at the camp!

Praise the Lord! Repairs to the floor of the pole barn at camp are finished!

I haven’t helped with the construction at the camp, but Daniel, Anne Marie, and James all have. The kiddos have been great helpers and are taking turns going with Daddy when he goes to work at the camp. I’m not exactly handy with construction, I can’t really do much children’s ministry until I learn the language, but I can cook! Callum, the missionary who lives just down the street from us, is extremely busy! So one way that I have been helping a little is to make meals for him several times a week.

He is coordinating the construction projects at the camp, he prepared the house before we came so it was ready for us, and he has been helping us navigate life in Romania. We are so thankful for all of the help that Callum has given us!

Callum barbequing for a group of missionaries who were traveling through Romania and stopped at Friendship camp.

Thank you for praying for us! Prayer is the real work of ministry. When you pray for us you are partnering with us in ministry.

Prayer and praises:

  • Praise the Lord, we and all of our luggage safely arrived in Romania!!!
  • Praise God for a lovely house to stay in!
  • Praise God for a vehicle to drive!
  • Praise God for Adi and Callum, especially for all of Callum’s help!
  • Pray for our residence visas to come through. This is vital to our being able to stay in Romania, but it’s also very complicated.
  • Pray for Callum to have safety when traveling, strength to do the work of ministry, and wisdom to know where to go and what words to say to most effectively share the gospel.
  • Pray for us to learn the language quickly and adjust well.
  • Pray for us to make good connections with the people God wants us to.
  • Pray for unity amongst the workers here!
  • Thank you so much for praying!!!

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  1. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! He is good and able to keep you and your family and all workers in His care and we pray for the healing of this young man! Blessings! Kathy

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