Missionary Locations

Missionary Locations Information and Photos


Friendship Camp

Preparations have begun up at camp for this summer. Grass has been cut and flowers have been planted. This is particularly important as we will be hosting our first ever Friendship Camp wedding! Friendship International workers Cristi and Johanna will be married at camp on May 11. Pray with us for good weather. Those of you who have been to camp know that we have no indoor space, so although it will be a beautiful day whatever the weather, there will be a lot less mud if the sun shines!

As we think and pray upon this coming summer we have begun to pray that God will prepare the hearts of the children and staff that will make their way through Sistarovat this year.

F.I. Ministry – Romania


Adi and Tabita at Friendship Camp.

Adi and Tabita Muscan along with their sons, Filip and Ruben joined F.I. to serve the Lord in their homeland of Romania. Adi completed his studies at the Bible Institute of Romania and now serves as Ministry Coordinator for F.I., overseeing all ministry in Romania, but specifically working at Friendship Camp.

Both Adi and Tabita have committed their lives to reaching the country of Romania for Christ. Together, they also sing and coordinate ministry outreach with A New Song – Romania.

The Muscans have taken the step of faith to serve the Lord, but they are completely dependent on God’s people to help sustain them financially. Pray that the Lord will honor their faith and meet their needs.







Jozsi and Tundi live at The Farm, our conference and training center in Debrecen, Hungary.


Lorena & Miguel Mora

Miguel and Lorena live in Chillán. They have 2 sons, Benjamin and Samuel.

Miguel and Lorena are both missionaries with Friendship International. Miguel is the Ministry Coordinator for Chile.  Sometime ago, Lorena felt called to start a new ministry with women.  They are both members of A New Song-Chile and their son, Benjamin, sings with our group, A New Song Kids. Since the earthquake of 2010, they all travel with teams to Dichato two or three times each month to work with the families in emergency camps. Lorena is our Director of  social work in Dichato and Chillán.

They need our prayers especially for the work with the families in Dichato, sharing the love of Jesus and the hope that He offers in times of great need.

Pray also, for the Moras’ need of monthly support, that the Lord will provide through his people for this family, willing to serve Him in their country.