Blessings in Bucharest

A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9
In front of the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest.

Before we moved to Romania, a teacher of mine from high school reached out to me and let me know that she was planning to be in Bucharest towards the end of August. She and her husband had been planning to take a cruise on the Danube river and the cruise was going to begin in Bucharest. We had not been back in Romania very long since my dad’s funeral, and we debated whether we should try to make the trip down to the capital or not. We decided to go because we had not seen Romania’s capital, and when else would I get a chance to see my former teacher here in Romania! 

At a the “White Church.” which was kitty corner to our hotel.

It was lovely to visit Bucharest! The palace of parliament, the village museum, and Sky Tower, were among the many beautiful places we visited. Just exploring the city and seeing the differences in architecture was also fascinating. We had planned to come back on Wednesday Aug 25, but on Tuesday, David got a call from the attorney who is helping us apply for our visas. She explained that she would be meeting with the immigration office in Bucharest on the next day. David asked if it would be helpful if he attended the meeting since we were in Bucharest. She replied that it would be very helpful. The flights to go home were changed for only $10 each! Praise God that we were in Bucharest at just the right time for David to go with the attorney and meet with immigration! Getting visas and residency in Romania is a long process, but we are so thankful that progress was made while we were in Bucharest! 

This is what arrived when we got the phone call, “You have a package from America.”

The day after we got back home, we received a phone call that we had a package from America. We thought, “Oh, that’s great! I wonder who sent us a package?” Well, it wasn’t just 1 package, it was 44 of the 51 boxes that we had sent to Romania by ship! The other 7 boxes were delivered on September 1. We are thankful that everything arrived, and we didn’t have to pay any customs tax to get our stuff! Unfortunately, not everything was handled gently and a few things were broken. But really only 3 things being broken out of 51 boxes of stuff is quite amazing! We are so thankful and praise the Lord for directing our steps even when we weren’t aware of it! The Lord knew when we needed to be in Bucharest, and the Lord knew when we needed to be home so we could receive our stuff!

  • God directed our steps to be in Bucharest at just the right time to meet with immigration!
  • -We were back in Șiștaravaț when our things arrived from the ship and we received everything without hassle or having to pay extra taxes or bribes!
  • We found a language school to attend and classes will be starting soon.
  • Our children are now enrolled in the village school. We decided to have them attend school here in the village until they can speak, read, and write Romanian. The teachers are very kind and were excited to meet our family.
  • We are all in good health!
Prayer Requests:
  • Please continue to pray for our visas! This is a long arduous process.
  • For all of us to learn the language!
  • For the village school to be a blessing for our children, and that our family may also be a blessing and a light to the school. (School starts September 13. We plan to do some homeschooling so that the kids can stay on track with their USA education.)
  • For all of us to find friends here.
  • That there will be unity among the workers here! 

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