Bear each other’s burdens.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Galatioans 6:2
Harold and Callum working on the sink.

February 4th, we were overjoyed to welcome David’s parents and his sister Havilah for a visit! Just having family here has been such an encouragement and a great help to us! David’s dad, Harold noticed a lack of hot water in our kitchen sink and decided that he was going to change that while he was here. So with help from Callum and David, Harold installed a new, bigger kitchen sink with an under the counter hot water heater. Now we will be able to wash all the dishes that don’t fit in the dishwasher with hot water!!! How wonderful! David and I have thoroughly enjoyed having not just one, but three people who help us with everything from housework, to watching the children, to household projects, to joining with us in prayer! We are so thankful that they have been able to visit us! They have helped carry our burdens!

The new sink!

On February 1, David was able to get an MRI. He has not yet seen the neurologist to go over the results of the MRI, but we are hopeful that he will be able to get some help and relief soon. Thank you so much for praying! He is feeling a little bit better. After we returned from France, we realized that David needed a less busy schedule. One thing we have changed is we are now doing piano lessons online instead of in person. The in person piano lessons took a minimum of 5 hours on a week night. We had been driving to Arad 3 times a week for piano lessons and Anne Marie’s ballet, along with the necessary shopping, and any other business sorts of things. Reducing our trips to Arad to twice a week has helped David quite a bit. We are sure that prayer has helped the most though! I would love to report that David has been miraculously healed and is doing great, but unfortunately that is not the case, at least not yet. For the time being, his struggle with fatigue and headaches seems to be a thorn in the flesh that he and the rest of us must bear. We truly appreciate your prayers as we navigate this difficulty! In this way, you can aid us in carrying our burdens.

Grandpa and Grandma Stone with Timothy in down town Lipova.

Children’s ministry has always had a special place in our hearts and is one of our callings. Because of David’s health struggles, we were unsure about when to start formal, regular children’s ministry meetings. After considerable prayer and thought, we believe that we should plan to have just a few weeks of club to see how it goes. Please be praying! Pray that children will come to club and come to Christ! Pray that they will be discipled in God’s word! Pray that they will attend church for further discipleship, Christian growth and training! Pray for a strong team of local people to get involved with the children’s club! And pray that we will have the strength needed each day to accomplish the work that the Lord has given us! Thank you for helping to carry our burdens through praying for us! In this way, you are fulfilling the law of Christ!

The kiddos have loved having one of their aunties here!

Thank you, in Christ: the Stones

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