Update 2 on the Stone Family

We felt it necessary to give you one more important update on the developments with the Stones since the accident they were involved in almost 2 weeks ago. As you recall they were in a terrible accident with the entire family on their return home from visiting friends, family and churches in the Portland area.Continue reading “Update 2 on the Stone Family”

UPDATE on the Stone Family

Hopefully you had a wonderful Independence Day celebration.  Well, the Stones didn’t necessarily, but, praise God they are alive and recovering. We want to share with you a short report personally written by Gwen Stone from her hospital room. Hospital stay, July 2020. Because 2020 is the year that keeps on giving!! We were headedContinue reading “UPDATE on the Stone Family”

UPDATE May 2020

This issue brings reports from cities around the world: Chillán, Arad, Șiștarovăț, Pătroaia and Nampa. People everywhere are finding themselves affected by COVID-19—if not the virus, then the government reaction to it. There is much to pray about. That’s why we’ve included at least two distinct prayer lists, and alluded to many other needs. Here’sContinue reading “UPDATE May 2020”