A Visit to the USA

The children from club shared a program with the congregation on the Sunday before we traveled to the USA.

It’s hard to believe that we have been in the USA for 11 days now! We finished our 4th week of Good News Club on March 26. The children had been earning points during those 4 weeks and were able to turn in their points for toys or snacks on that day. We had great attendance with only one of the children who had come to club absent. Our Bible lesson was about the conversion of Saul who later became known as Paul, and our main truth was that God can change anyone. During the lesson, we talked about how God can change even the cruelest most hard hearted person. As I was sharing this, I couldn’t help but think of Vladimir Putin. We spent time at club praying that God will change his heart and cause him to repent, and that if he will not repent that God will stop him and restore peace in Ukraine and the Baltic region. Please pray with us!

Checking in at the Budapest airport

While we wanted to focus on resting and medical appointments during our visit, it has been a very busy time! Travel to the USA went well, praise God! The only difference was that there was an additional immigration check in Germany and we flew directly to Vancouver BC this time instead of into a city in the USA. It’s a tumultuous time in the world and an interesting time to travel through different countries. Hungary’s leader is pro Putin and we flew out of Budapest, Hungry. It is unnerving to watch the leaders of various countries in the Baltic region throw in their lot either with the EU and the West, or in support of Russia’s leader. Crossing the boarder into Hungry took about twice as long as it usually does. Several people have asked us if we are planning to stay in the USA, our answer is “No, not unless God tells us to.” Our plan is to continue serving in Romania unless the Lord directly shows us that we need to go somewhere else. Thank you for praying for us and for everything that is taking place in the Baltic region and in the world!!!

My mom, Grandma Wilma, with our kiddos.

Since being in the USA, we have enjoyed some of the restaurants and foods we have missed while living in Romania. We are also stocking up on things that are not readily available in Romania like taco seasoning, baking powder, crunchy peanut butter, and Jello. Of course, we primarily enjoy being able to see friends and family! We are currently in Nampa with David’s family and are looking forward to spending Easter with them. While we are trying to visit as many people as we can, we do need to focus on rest and getting medical care while we are in Idaho. God willing, we will travel to Oregon on April 23 and are planning to share about life and missions in Romania at 6pm on April 24 at Sheridan Mennonite Church in Sheridan Oregon. If you are able, we would love to see you the evening of April 24 at Sheridan Mennonite Church. We pray that the Lord blesses you and draws you closer to Himself every day! Thank you for praying for us!

Kiddos playing with their cousins in Oregon


  • 12 children from the village came to Good News Club
  • Christians from the local church are involved with the children’s ministry through prayer, bringing snacks, and helping with registration and translation
  • We arrived safely in the USA.

Prayer requests:

  • Rest while we are in the USA
  • Successful medical appointments
  • Good times of fellowship and connecting with friends and family
  • Safe travels back to Romania May 2 and 3
  • The children’s ministry to continue to grow and to thrive in the village
  • The gospel message to be clearly presented
  • Teams coming to work at Friendship Camp
  • Camps this summer.
The brothers playing on grandma’s porch in Oregon.

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